Sunday, August 29, 2010

Well, I thought I was gonna be rolling down the tracks with my posts about John Ralston Saul's ideas, way back in May, but as you can plainly see, I didn't roll very far.  I can't say that I suffered from some sort of train derailment; still my impedance certainly has something to do  with the fact that train tracks have to be  linear:  while I'm sitting comfortably riding the rail its way, I'm looking out the window and gravitationally pulled into the vistas perpendicular to my inertia!

I haven't felt myself derailed as much as I've felt myself in a stupor.  Feeling the gravitational pulls from so many vistas around me at the same time, makes it hard  to lay out sentences (for me at least), which, if they're to perform their amazing feats of communication,  need to be like railroad tracks. I feel like all I've been able to do for the last few months is stutter....

Part of unwinding my big ball of stutter, entailed my looking at why I'm writing here in the first place: perhaps the only things more abounding in number than String theories, are protestant denominations and blogs!  Certainly opinions.  But I don't want this blog to be, yet another opinion depot. To me, opinion stockpiling, makes little use of blogging's potential strength: that of connecting with people and thinking, we might not otherwise connect with.  For instance, some of you who have signed on as followers and friends I know in person. But some of you, I only know through this blog, or 13.7; cases in point are Peter, Stephen and Alex; I've appreciated your thoughtful writing through the commentary section.

Somehow, I want to make this blog a place where ideas can be forged and annealed; then re-smelted into other alloys and forged again.  At the same time, I want this blog to be a place reminiscent of kindergarten where wonder displaces cleverness, and the only dumb questions or comments, are the ones unwritten or the ones that bully:  All too often, some innocent word you write, starts an avalanche of ideas in me, which till then, were locked out of my reach.

I have to stop right now, and help my son Ben with his house.  I still have more unwinding to do when it comes to my big stutter ball, but I can't do it on my own, and I need your help. I'm so excited for our Human Life though, and I'm excited to explore it with all of you.





  1. Mike, I am in a very similar predicament myself. However I think a stuttering walking metaphor is as meaningful and amusing as silence in music. we'll be back :)